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Threaded Fasteners and Rivets

Threaded rivets and fasteners are practical, effective and sometimes the only method for creating a load-bearing thread on metal too thin to tap, or on material that is difficult to tap, such as plastics or composites. National Rivet produces both internally threaded rivets and externally threaded fasteners.

Internally Threaded Rivets

Internally threaded rivets – sometimes called self-clinching fasteners – are permanently installed tubular rivets that help ease assembly operations. They feature internal threads used for screw attachments (e.g., nut plates or binding posts), and they can create a standoff where additional clearance is required. Typical uses include electronics, industrial controls, medical equipment, appliances and furniture.

National Rivet produces two types of internally threaded rivets blind clinch nuts and clinch nuts. A blind clinch nut, a type of blind rivet, can be installed from one side of the work piece with a special tool (a pull-up stud engages the thread and exerts a pull, causing the shank to expand firmly against the material being fastened). Clinch nuts are used when both sides of the work piece are accessible and are set with standard rivet setting machines.
Threaded Fasteners Data Sheet

Externally Threaded Rivets

We also have the ability to produce externally threaded fasteners, and fasteners with both external an internal threads (screw it in, then screw something into it!). In many cases, National Rivet can produce a cold headed fastener and then modify it with threads much more cost effectively than screw machining a part. In our secondary operations center, we can provide knurls or serrations under the head or on the shank that lock the fastener in one place. We can also provide tapers and variety of other finishes.

If you want a better threaded rivet solution, contact National Rivet today or start by using our Interactive Rivet Design & Quote Tool.

Benefits of Threaded Rivets and Fasteners