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Rivets and Fasteners

Quality rivets and fasteners ensure that equipment remains rugged. National Rivet offers an assortment of rivets and fasteners used in a variety of different applications that endure even the harshest environments.

Custom Engineered Fasteners

For applications that require specific fasteners, we can custom engineer to exact specifications. Our in-house capabilities include engineering and material selection assistance, machining, coating, plating and other finishes, heat-treating and additional secondary options. Each custom request is complemented by a complete line of rivet setters, tooling and accessories that ensure optimum performance.

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Self-Piercing Rivets

Self-piercing rivets allow for similar or dissimilar materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and plastics & fibers, to join. They provide the best fastening solution when spot welding is difficult or impossible, such as building applications made of zinc-coated steel, white goods that are pre-painted metal and signs made of aluminum.

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Brake Rivets & Clutch Rivets

Our standard style numbers meet most needs that require brake rivets and clutch rivets, but we also offer rivets with increased corrosion resistance and tapered shank rivets that provide up to 47% more break-away torque than standard rivets. A tapered shank, semi-tubular rivet can give better support. As the rivet clinches, sidewall thickness increases, so the rivet is less likely to collapse during clinching.

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Threaded Fasteners

Threaded rivets and fasteners are practical, effective and sometimes the only method for creating a load-bearing thread on metal too thin to tap, or on material that is difficult to tap, such as plastics or composites. National Rivet produces both internally threaded rivets and externally threaded fasteners.

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Standard Rivets

National Rivet makes standard rivets special. It starts with our quality control and inspection procedures that ensure optimum performance, and then extends to our capability to modify standard rivets through additional value-added process. Standards can be brass rivets, steel rivets, aluminum rivets and more.

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Aircraft and Aerospace Rivets

National Rivet is one of America's leading suppliers of aircraft rivets and fastening solutions for aerospace applications. Our heritage extends back to World War II, when the majority of solid aluminum aircraft rivets for the American war effort came through National Rivet's Waupun, Wisconsin facilities.

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