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Pneumatic Riveters

Pneumatic Riveter

Pneumatic Rivet Setting Machines

To solve numerous setting issues – such as high scrap rates and clearance issues – National Rivet offers a broad line of pneumatic rivet setting machines in single head and dual head models.

Precise Control

For precise load control and to set rivets without damaging the work piece, we offer pneumatic riveters with the rocker arm directly connected to the air cylinder. These machines (view Machine Selection Guide) are ideal for riveting brittle or fragile parts. Air pressure to the cylinder can be adjusted, automatically compensating for minor variances in the parts being fastened. Variances could include work thickness, part orientation or rivet length.

More Power

For heavy-duty applications, we offer pneumatic riveters (view Machine Selection Guide) with an air cylinder powered toggle link mechanism that drives the rivet to a positive setting height. An optional spring compensator built into the top pivot pin accommodates work thickness variations. For solving clearance problems, such as a rivet set close to a flange, use an offset pneumatic riveter. This machine can attach rivets in awkward, hard-to-reach spots, such as cookware, desk and chair assemblies, chimney caps and roof vents.

Single & Dual Head Riveters

Single head pneumatic riveters can set a rivet near a tall vertical sidewall on the work piece and can operate as close to 1/4” to the vertical angle and surface. National Rivet has machines with clearance on either the left- or right-hand side of the machine. Dual head pneumatic riveters can set two rivets at the same time, and the rivets can be of the same or different diameter and length. A lock on each toggle permits either head to be used for single setting. Cycle time for both types of riveters is about 1 second.

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Hybrid Air/Oil Riveter Combines Speed & Power

National Rivet’s Model 3000 hybrid air/oil riveter offers a 0.6 second cycle time and the force necessary to set a 3/8” rivet. Designed for furniture linkage, bus brake re-lining and other applications requiring a combination of speed and power, the Model 3000 also compensates for variations in part thickness or rivet length to ensure tight settings without crushing the part. Its direct acting, in-line driver design reduces wear points, while a unitized steel column and head design minimizes deflection and retains precision alignment between the anvil and the driver.
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