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Automotive Assembly Manufacturer Tickled Pink With Custom Riveter to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

WAUPUN, Wis., September 4, 2012 -- National Rivet has always welcomed orders for customized machines. Typically, the customer has a challenging part — an intricate shape, delicate material or complex assembly method — and wants our help to ensure that obtaining good quality doesn’t sacrifice productivity or vice versa. We’ve custom built thousands of machines since our founding in the 1920s.but none of them were pink.

You’d think that Rosie might have enjoyed a pink riveter back in the day, but it wasn't until a Wisconsin manufacturer of automotive assemblies wanted to show support for breast cancer awareness that we received such a request.

The customer ordered a Model 600 electro-mechanical rivet setter, which is an excellent machine for manufacturers that expect efficiency in a medium-duty model that sets steel, semi-tubular rivets up to 3/16” diameter. Putting aside our usual “battleship grey” paint, we purchased several gallons of pink paint to complete the customer's request (naturally, it was a rush job as well) and sent it out the door.

Once on the production floor, the pink riveter immediately boosted morale with many of the women. The CEO likes it and the operation’s manager is only half kidding about putting a sign-up sheet on the pink riveter so all the women who want to run the machine can use it.

The production crew at National Rivet is happy the customer is tickled pink with their new machine-special orders are a welcome change of pace — but they're starting to get ideas. Two of the guys were talking about painting a unit in camouflage..

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