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Machine Overview

Rivet Setter Machines

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National Rivet’s rivet setting machines meet the needs of almost any fastening application, challenge or requirement. Our line includes:

National Rivet makes all its machines with heavy-duty castings and steel weldments. They are strongest, most durable rivet setters in their class.

For assistance, view our Machine Selection Guide or contact us. Even if it’s “just a standard rivet machine,” we welcome customer inquires, as every machine is individualized with anvils, jaws & drivers, accessories and point of operation safety devices for your specific fastener and part.

Sales Support

Nobody supports their rivet setting machines better than National Rivet. That’s any machine, regardless of age. We even support machines that are decades old. In fact, we can retool old machines so that they can handle new and different rivets, optimizing them for your current production needs.

If you have problems with your current rivet setter or rivets, contact us. As a single-source provider, our engineers can isolate, identify and diagnose problems that others can’t. We can listen to your needs, run tests and prototypes in our labs and provide you with a new, more productive alternative.

If you want a better riveting solution, contact National Rivet today!

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