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Precision Fixture Design

Rivet Machine Jaws and Drivers

All our rivet machine jaws feature, as standard, a Controlled Jaw Carrier. This National Rivet design improvement eliminates head marking and rivet “spitting” by smoothly, efficiently and accurately delivering the rivet to the work (view operation sequence).

Controlled Jaw Carriers, as well as our rivet machine drivers, are tailored to the specific configuration of each rivet/riveting system. Precision manufacturing of these components ensures that rivets are held securely and properly oriented for presentation to the work, then efficiently driven and set.

If you are experiencing rivet spitting or deformed or damage rivets (or component parts), contact us. Our engineers can quickly spot tooling deficiencies and recommend a new, more productive solution. As an integrated manufacturer of tooling, rivets and setters, we are uniquely qualified to identify and solve the source of your fastening problems.

If you want better results tomorrow, contact National Rivet today!

The Controlled Jaw Carrier system is an improvement over conventional riveters where driver force on the head is required to lower the jaws to the work.

rivet setting operation sequence with jaws and driver

Normal home position-rivet resting in jaws. Driver moves down to trap rivet but does not touch head. Driver and jaw carrier advance together toward anvil with no pressure on rivet head by driver. Jaw carrier stops and driver takes over pushing rivet through jaws to curl on anvil.