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Hydraulic Riveting Machines

Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Hydraulic Rivet Setting Machines

For setting large self-piercing, hardened steel, stainless steel, solid and semi-tubular rivets, National Rivet has a specialized hydraulic rivet setting machine, the Model 3160. This hydraulic riveter can place and set rivets with diameters from .25 to .5” using setting forces of 30,000+ lbs.

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The Model 3160 features a unique, force-multiplying linkage that delivers tremendous rivet setting force at any position in its normal range of travel. This helps guarantee fully curled (upset) rivets, improving quality and productivity, especially with self-piercing rivets.

For additional productivity, the cycle time on the Model 3160 can be adjusted to meet application and dwell time requirements. Like pneumatic riveters, this hydraulic riveter can automatically compensate for minor variances in the parts being fastened. Variances could include work thickness, part orientation or rivet length.

We construct all hydraulic riveters, with massive weldments and castings to provide the stiffness required in high-force applications.

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Hybrid Air/Oil Riveter Combines Speed & Power

National Rivet’s Model 3000 hybrid air/oil riveter offers a 0.6 second cycle time and the force necessary to set a 3/8” rivet. Designed for furniture linkage, bus brake re-lining and other applications requiring a combination of speed and power, the Model 3000 also compensates for variations in part thickness or rivet length to ensure tight settings without crushing the part. Its direct acting, in-line driver design reduces wear points, while a unitized steel column and head design minimizes deflection and retains precision alignment between the anvil and the driver.
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Common options for these machines include safety probes, special arms for restricted access, anti-wear hopper plating (nickel or hard chrome) and special anvils and work support fixtures.

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