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Tapered Shank Brake Rivets Yield Higher Torque Values

Standard straight shank brake rivets leave gaps in work hole (see Figure 2), allowing for excess movement and causing lower breakaway torque value.

National Rivet Advantage

The new National Rivet 10-9T tapered brake shank rivets yield a 47% higher breakaway torque value higher than standard straight rivets, making them longer lasting.

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Improved 10-9T Tapered Shank Brake Rivet Standard 10-9 Straight Shank Brake Rivet
Features of new 10-9T Benefits
1. Tapered Shank (A) is thicker under head (B) Provides more metal to fill work hole
2. Head has small crown (C) Helps expand metal under head; permits using standard tooling
3. Sharp edge of countersunk head eliminated (D) Prevents cutting into lining material
4. Precision wire specifications Increases ability to precisely control hardness
5. Stress relieved parts Helps control shank swellingand provides ideal curls
6. Parts plated with zinc and yellow chromate Provides superior corrosion resistance