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Model 500 Electro-Mechanical Rivet Setter

Electro-Mechanical Riveters

Electro-Mechanical Rivet Setting Machines

National Rivet has one of the industry’s broadest lines of single head and dual head electro-mechanical rivet settng machines. Electro-mechanical rivet setters are the most cost-effective, fastest cycling machines available. With our updated rivet setting techniques and systems, we can help you set more rivets over the course of a day, increasing production while saving time and money.

Available in bench and floor models, standard rivet machines meet a wide range of fastening applications. For example, our Model B can set rivets as small as .028” in precision electronic applications, while our Model 1200 provides a crushing 19,000 lbs. of upset force for setting rivets as large as .5”. Like all our machines, these rugged models are made with steel weldments that make them the strongest, most durable rivet setters in their class.

See the single-head electro-mechanical riveter in action

Single & Dual Head Riveter Setters

Electro-Mechanical single head rivet setters have an electric motor-driven flywheel with a crankshaft and connecting rod powering a toggle link mechanism. With this type of drive, when the toggle links straighten out, the machine delivers full power to the rivet and while maintaining a consistent riveted height.

Dual head machines are also flywheel driven, but they can set two rivets at the same time. On some models, one rivet head is stationary while the other head may be moved to establish the desired center distance. Cycle time on both machines is 1/3 second.

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