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Custom Fasteners and Rivets

National Rivet specializes in custom engineered cold headed fasteners and parts.

Our in-house capabilities include engineering and material selection assistance, machining, coating, plating and other finishes, heat-treating and additional secondary operations – all complemented by a complete line of rivet setters, tooling and accessories that ensure optimum performance.

We control every step of the manufacturing process at one facility, which gives National Rivet unmatched engineering insight. By working with you to understand application requirements – and drawing on more than 75 years of experience – we can enhance the value, form and function of your part or operation. The result is a precision-engineered specialty fastener that:

Aircraft rivets and those for aerospace, military, electronics, transportation, furniture and other industries have special requirements. We can meet them.

If you want a better custom engineered fastener, contact National Rivet today or start by using our Interactive Rivet Design & Quote Tool.

Custom Engineered Fasteners Examples

Drive screws & knurled pinsDrive screws & knurled pins

Drive screws and knurled pins are permanent, press-in fasteners typically used in the installation of non-removable nameplates, warning placards and control panels. These fasteners can be installed with standard rivet setting equipment.

Shoulder rivets & collar rivetsShoulder rivets & collar rivets

Shoulder rivets are typically installed so the shoulder acts as a bearing surface. This allows the retained part to pivot. Shoulder rivets are also used in bed frames and industrial storage racks as pins for interlocking keyhole assembly. Collar rivets, a variation of shoulder rivets, are often used as standoffs to separate components. Threads can be added to provide a terminal or stud.

Cross drilled & grooved rivetsCross drilled & grooved rivets

Cross drilled and grooved rivets provide positive mechanical retention of components while allowing easy removal by use of a cotter pin or snap rings as the retaining device.

Threaded rivetsThreaded inserts

Threaded rivets come in two types: permanently installed or easily removed. Permanently installed rivets are often used as nut plates and can be open or close ended (see Threaded Fasteners for more details). Easily removable threaded rivets resemble screws, except that they also have internal threads. When combined with an externally threaded rivet, this creates a binding post that can accommodate a wide variety of components.

Milled head rivetsMilled head rivets

A special milling process removes the portion of the rivet head. Milled head rivets can solve clearance problems or provide a positive stop for locating the work piece.

Drilled rivetsDrilled rivets

A secondary drilling process can provide a deep hole or a through-hole in the shank of a rivet. Examples of deep hole applications include receiving a wire lead in an electrical assembly or as a weight-reducing measure in a critical component. Another application is piercing multiple layers of soft material, such as leather, without the need to pre-drill. Through-drilled rivets have been specified for use as air vents or as stronger alternatives to eyelets in load-bearing applications.


Commonly Used Rivet Materials

Available Rivet Finishes

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