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Clutch Rivets & Brake Rivets

Because of our engineering expertise, automotive, heavy-duty truck, bus and other vehicle manufacturers rely on National Rivet.

Our standard style numbers meet most needs that require brake rivets and clutch rivets, but we also offer rivets with increased corrosion resistance and tapered shank rivets that provide up to 47% more break-away torque than standard rivets. A tapered shank, semi-tubular rivet can give better support. As the rivet clinches, sidewall thickness increases, so the rivet is less likely to collapse during clinching.

If you have a particularly difficult brake lining, disc brake pad or clutch fastening application, or have problems with your current supplier, we encourage you contact us. Our engineering staff is ready to listen to your concerns and recommend a rivet and rivet setting machine for your application.

Tapered Shank Brake Rivets Yield Higher Torque Values

Single Source Solution

Look to National Rivet as a single-source solution for rivets, riveting machines and tooling for applications that require clutch rivets & brake rivets. Our engineers understand that a standard rivet may not meet everyone needs.

If you experience unacceptable scrap or productivity rates, we can:

By working with National Rivet, one truck and brake customer increased output by 30% over an eight-hour shift. We simultaneously lowered cycle times and reduced reject rates.

If you want better brake rivets or clutch rivets, contact National Rivet today.


Standard Style Numbers

Disc Brake Pad Rivet Chart


Tapered Shank Brake Rivets

tapered and straight shank rivet chart

Tapered shank brake rivets are designed to fill the work hole more completely. Difficult applications can benefit from the more secure attachment provided by a tapered shank brake rivet.

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