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Brake & Clutch Riveting Machines

Brake & Clutch Riveting Machines

National Rivet’s brake and clutch rivet setting machines lead the industry. If you build brake pads and clutches, or if you re-line brakes for buses, trucks and other heavy vehicles, we can help you reduce or eliminate scrap and improve productivity.

Our brake and clutch riveters are known for their rapid cycle times and consistent setting performance. They have the ability to compensate for part thickness and hole location variations, overcoming situations that would otherwise deform parts.

If you have issues with excess scrap or loose rivets, or if you need to meet higher production goals, National Rivet’s engineers welcome customer questions. As a single-source provider of fastening systems, our engineers can isolate, identify and diagnose problems that others can’t. We can listen to your needs, run tests and prototypes in our labs and provide you with a new, more productive alternative. In fact, custom building brake and clutch machines is the norm at National Rivet.

National Rivet Electromechanical Rivet Setters with Top Pin Compensator Provide Solution to Cracked Brake Lining Issues, Offer Faster Cycle Times

Designed with the brake shoe industry in mind, National Rivet's Model 800 and 1000 rivet setters with top pin compensator provide consistent rivet sets and eliminate cracked brake lining issues. With a pre-load tension set for different size rivets, the top pin compensator counteracts variable work thickness up to 1/16 in. The top pin compensator provides a simpler solution than traditionally used arm springs, which are difficult to adjust. The pin is driven by a unique toggle linkage and rocker arm with the pre-loaded spring. As a result, these versions of the Model 800 and 1000 ensure sufficient force to achieve consistent rivet sets, help avoid cracks when lining is too thick and maintain rivet torque requirements if the lining is too thin.

Hybrid Air/Oil Riveter Combines Speed & Power
Plus Compensates for Part Variations

National Rivet’s new Model 3000 hybrid air/oil machine offers a 0.6 second cycle time and the force necessary to set a 3/8-in. rivet. Designed for bus brake re-lining and other applications requiring a combination of speed and power, the Model 3000 also compensates for variations in part thickness or rivet length to ensure tight settings without crushing the part. Its direct acting, in-line driver design reduces wear points, while a unitized steel column and head design minimizes deflection and retains precision alignment between the anvil and the driver.
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