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Rivet Machine Anvils

Rivet Machine AnvilsAnvils determine the actual shape and quality of the clinch. They are the most important consumable in riveting, yet often the most neglected and overlooked. In fact, we estimate that worn or poorly designed anvils cause 90 percent of riveting problems.

At National Rivet, every customer gets a Max-Set® anvil tailored for maximum performance in his or her specific application. Our Max-Set anvils produce consistent curls and positive sets, and they can clinch twice as many rivets as ordinary anvils. By combining quality with longevity, Max-Set anvils can lower reject rates, downtime and assembly costs. Max-Set anvils save you money!

If your current rivet does not curl uniformly, the curl cracks or the curl does not consistently and securely fasten your parts, contact us. Our engineers can quickly spot setting deficiencies and recommend a new, more productive solution. Note that National Rivet Max-Set anvils work with most riveting equipment.

If you want better results, contact National Rivet today!


Anvil Work SheetAnvil Work Sheet

Order the anvil you need.

  1. Download a pdf file of our Anvil Work Sheet.
  2. Print out and fill in the necessary information.
  3. Mail or fax the sheet back to us (contact info on bottom of form).

Anvil Reconditioning Program

National Rivet offers an exclusive reconditioning program for Max-Set anvils to extend their life and maintain effective, efficient low-cost riveting. By reconditioning anvils, you can increase riveting quality while reducing downtime and reject rates, a proven formula that keeps assembly costs low. In addition, you eliminate the tool room labor associated with rebuilding anvils in-house (which is hard if you attempt it without the proper machinery or specialized calibration equipment).

National Rivet customizes it's Anvil Reconditioning Program. For a program meeting your specific needs, contact us today.