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About National Rivet

National Rivet FactoryNational Rivet’s integrated design, manufacturing and customer service capabilities lead the fastening industry. We offer the finest cold headed rivets, rivet setters and fastening systems available, which adds value, form and function to your operation.

While we provide many standard solutions, fasteners and parts engineered to a specific application always provide better assembly, a higher level of performance and greater dependability. National Rivet’s ability to customize a new fastening alternative for your application may be able to help you:


We control every step of the rivet and machine manufacturing process at one facility. If you’re tired of finger pointing – “It’s the machine guy’s problem!” “No, it’s the rivet guy’s problem!” – look to National Rivet for accountability and as a single-source solution.


National Rivet started as a manufacturer of fastening components for brake linings in the 1920s. As a supplier of aluminum aircraft rivets during World War II, the company really “took off.” Once we demonstrated our quality capabilities and production capacity, virtually all of the aircraft rivets for the American war effort came through National Rivet’s Waupun, Wisconsin facilities, where we are still located today. During the War, National Rivet earned an “E Flag,” which is a production efficiency award from the Army and Navy.

After the War, National Rivet expanded into a variety of industrial applications. Our fasteners continue to serve a broad cross section of industry, including aerospace applications, precision electronics (from electrical contacts and relays through such critical components as computer hard drives), appliances, automotive (brakes/clutches, dashboards, air bags, tracks and window lifts, glove boxes) furniture (beds, chairs), consumer products (in-line skates, ring binders, snowshoes, camping equipment) and recreational vehicles (snowmobiles and outboard motors).

Today, National Rivet has one of the most extensive cold heading manufacturing capabilities in America. Our associates have an average of more than 25 years of experience, and our turnover remains one of the lowest in the industry.

National Rivet is a fourth-generation, family-owned company and remains privately held.

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